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Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup Receives Extended "Meh"

WhataburgerDallas150.jpgStop right there and put down those keys. While City of Ate's Nick Rallo may have toyed with your emotions, promising that everything would OK thanks to Whataburger's new spicy ketchup, Teresa Gubbins has been there, done that and isn't buying it ... anymore, anyway. In an effort to save you the trouble of feeling pressured to try the "for a limited time" condiment, T-Gubbs is breaking it down for you, while just barely tapping the now-"spicy" Texas chain in its privates (which everyone knows is worse than a full-on kick). We're talking fine print, other examples of people freaking over ketchup, and precedents/better representations of the spicy red (yes, of course, Goodfriend is mentioned. Don't be silly, people). Only now is everything going to be OK. [Pegasus News/City of Ate]