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Mesa Will Meet You In The Brunch Room

Mesa, the OC's Veracruz resto, is serving up its inaugural brunch this weekend. Are you ready?

We talked to Jaretzy Reyes from Mesa and pleaded for a taste, a nibble, a freakin' hint of what's to come Sunday. She totally caved. OK, fine, not really. She conferred with the kitchen and got back to us with what they're calling the "dirty menu."

Fans of the restaurant's regular antojitos will be pleased that a couple of them made the brunch cut, in addition to brunch classics done up Mesa-style.

Reyes lists the menu thus far as including the following:

Enmoladas: Pre-fried tortillas in olive oil, dipped in Olga's famous mole served with cheese and sesame seeds on the top.
Chalupitas: Special dough made on a tortilla, topped with pollo ala mexicana, fresh cheese, Mexican cream, sauté potatoes and radish.
Ceviche: choice of robalo (snook), Gulf shrimp, or combination cured with lime juice, mix with tomato, cilantro, and avocado. served with house made chips.
Chilaquiles: fried tortillas served with a red tomato sauce, boil eggs, fresh cheese and cream on top.
Tostadas: Mexican tostadas served with black beans, (chicken, shrimp), cheese, and guacamole.
Huevos Rancheros
Huevos ala Mexicana
The kitchen is still working out additional dishes -- adding in salads, soups and vegetables of the day. We have also been assured there will be vegetarian and gluten-free items.

And here's a big bonus for early action: The first 10 reservations get endless mimosas.

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[Photo: Elliott Munoz/Mesa Official Facebook]


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