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Bangkok City Is Seeing Stars; New Taco Joint

EAST DALLAS -- Hipster Dreamboat investigated Bangkok City's starred spice ranking system. After hearing tale of a 20-star order, he went four-star "Native Thai" spicy, but was disappointed. Sad, spicy ScReitz. [City of Ate]

FORT WORTH -- It would seem there was an icing incident at Red Jett Sweets. Either that or today's forecast was for a wintry mix. [Eaterwire]

MOCKINGBIRD -- Those lamenting the close of Sol's on Mockingbird can now celebrate as SideDish reports the coming of a second Taco Joint location in its place. No, it won't be the same, but watching traffic debate between Fuzzy's, Taco Joint and Zuzu should prove entertaining. And, quit yer whining already -- the new Joint is to be open seven days a week with breakfast all day. [SideDish]

Bangkok City. [Photo: Catherine C./Yelp]

Bangkok City

4301 Bryan Street, Dallas, TX 75201

Bangkok City

4301 Bryan St., Dallas, TX 75204

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