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White Rock Abbey Coming to East Dallas

The rapidly gentrifying East Dallas sector home to Goodfriend Beer Garden, Good2Go Taco and the upcoming Marc Cassel seafood spot Peavy Road will soon be home to a new option for local brews enthusiasts: White Rock Abbey is awaiting its liquor license and hopes to open its doors sometime in November near the intersection of Garland and Peavy roads.

For owner Weylan McAnally, who's a pharmacist by trade, the motivation is simple: "Being a pharmacist, most people give me money begrudgingly because they don't want to be here. I want a business where people are happy to see me and want to give me their money," he says.

The concept for White Rock Abbey as he explains it is "a Texas pub" with a concentration on local brewers. He intends to have 40 taps, and over half of them will be Texan in origin, with local suds producers Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Firewheel, Lakewood Brewing Company, Peticolas and Four Corners occupying two taps each, plus selections from the slightly-less-local Saint Arnold, Rahr, and Real Ale, and some "cherry-picked" national selections to round out the list.

White Rock Abbey will also offer some snacks to go along with all the beer—pizza, hot sandwiches and salads plus "a few pub staples", including both vegetarian and gluten-free options.

As McAnally says, "The local guys make good beer and they need a place to have it showcased. We hope to be that place."

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[Photo credit: Whiterock Abbey/Facebook]

White Rock Abbey

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