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Which Dallas Restaurant is the Most Stunning?

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Oak sure is a looker, ain't she?
Oak sure is a looker, ain't she?
Photo credit: Andy Keye + Whitney Photography

It's almost time once again to cast your votes. No, we're not speaking of the rapidly approaching presidential race, but rather, the annual Eater Awards. Of course, the usual best chef and restaurant of the year categories will be up for grabs, but there's a new trophy this year: most stunning restaurant in the city. We're looking for Dallas' most aesthetically pleasing restaurants, from the dining room and the lavatory to the uniforms and flatware, as well as the general vibe.

We're looking to compile a list of five nominees for most stunning based on submissions from you, Eater readers. From the five, we'll narrow it down to a field of three, which will then go head-to-head in a fierce battle to win the title of most stunning restaurant. Leave your suggestions in the comments or send them via the tipline—just remember, as with the presidential election, if you don't vote, you can't complain. The victor will be announced the week of November 5.

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