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New Ballpark Menu; Live Jazz at Northpark

ARLINGTON—The Ballpark in Arlington just debuted a new concession menu: There's a two-foot-long hot dog topped with brisket nacho Doritos that rings in at $32, plus a two-foot steak sandwich and a nouveau version of Frito pie made with Takis, amongst other absurd and oversized options. Must we constantly reinforce that whole "everything's bigger in Texas" thing? [City of Ate]

UNIVERSITY PARK—Weekends mean one thing (okay, two things): hangovers and subsequent breakfast tacos. SMU favorite Digg's Taco Shop is now serving 'em up, and according to DFW's resident taco expert, they're worth the room they'll occupy in your stomach. (The taco spot is also opening a second location near the University of Arlington next month.) [Taco Trail]

NORTHPARK—Don't know where to take your hot date tonight? Consider heading to Northpark Center for Jazz in the Park, with (duh) live jazz, art and cocktails from 9 p.m. until midnight. Tickets are $20 and include one cocktail from La Duni. [SideDish]

[Photo credit: Digg's Taco Shop]