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Early Chatter About East Hampton Sandwich Co.

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Photo credit: East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Twenty-five year old Hunter Pond was obviously onto something when he dropped out of law school and decided to open East Hampton Sandwich Co. in Snider Plaza. The beachy upscale sandwich spot is attracting diners from further and wider than just the Park Cities to try their rendition of the classic New England lobster roll (plus other sandwich creations featuring brined and freshly carved meats and housemade condiments) and long lines are forming at peak hours. So is EHSC living up to all the hype? What are people saying about the food and the service?

The Feels Like You're Really in the Hamptons News:
Steven Doyle sets the scene at East Hampton: "The surroundings are peaceful and inviting. The clean lines of the finish-out speak 'summer home chic' which plays well for the SMU area tennis brides snapping up salads and sipping crisp white wines." [CraveDFW]

The Lobster Roll News: Blogger Let There Be Butter describes East Hampton's rendition of the New England classic sandwich rather enticingly: "We've got lobster claw meat + lobster knuckle meat + an entire lobster tail + melted butter + garlic oil + microgreens + a toasty hot dog bun. It's so perfectly dressed and the sweet lobster meat can barely be contained inside the bun." Blogger Almost Veggie tends to agree, saying the lobster roll is "definitely in the same league as Rex's Seafood Market. Fantastic. Fabulous. Mouth wateringly delicious." Even "BBQ Snob" Daniel Vaughn tweets that it is, "Without a doubt, the best lobster roll [he's] had in Dallas". [Let There Be Butter/Pegasus News/Twitter]

The Tasty Coleslaw News: "The coleslaw really stands out. Vinaigrette based with lots of fresh cabbage, red onion, and jalapeno. It'd be great with any of the sandwiches and gives some nice acid and crunch," says a Yelper. [Yelp]

The Park Cities Prices News: According to an Urbanspoon reviewer, "The sandwiches are good, but a tad expensive. The price is for the location (Snider Plaza) rather than the sandwiches themselves." [Urbanspoon]

The Better Than Chick-Fil-A? News: Gay List Daily says the chicken sandwich is totally bomb, enabling EHSC patrons to "tell Chick-fil-A to f**k off for good". Their description is indeed enticing: "One giant southern fried chicken breast is layered with melty pepper jack cheese, spicy arugula, crispy cured bacon, mashed avocado, and a jalapeño cream sauce, then piled high on a freshly baked bun from Empire Baking Company." At least one Yelper disagrees, however, saying, "The chicken is pounded really thin and the bun way too thick, it throws off the sandwich balance." [Gay List Daily/Yelp]

The Slow Service News:An annoyed Yelp reviewer says, "Owners should have really re-considered building a bigger kitchen area to handle peak times," and another seconds that motion: 'I wish the service was a little quicker though ... the chicken sandwich wasn't warm and our chowder was barely warm." [Yelp]

The Worth the Trip News: A Facebook commenter points out that even non-Park Cities folk are willing to travel to try out EHSC: "The Lobster Rolls will bring people from far & wide, I know I traveled at least 15 minutes, an influx of non park cities people discovering Snider Plaza for the first time..." [Facebook]

East Hampton Sandwich Co.

3888 Oak Lawn Avenue, , TX 75219 (214) 443-7925 Visit Website

East Hampton Sandwich Co.

6912 Snider Plaza, Dallas