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Critics on Rosemont, Monica's, Mughlai, More

OBSERVER—Scott Reitz has high praise for Mughlai in North Dallas, tweeting that it was the "Best meal [he's] had since Oak". He concludes the review with the words "Indian mothers be damned"—perhaps slightly less incendiary words could've been chosen, but he makes his point, which is that the "fine Indian cuisine" at Mughlai is really, really good.

DMN—Leslie Brenner worked overtime this week, reviewing both Rosemont and Monica's Nueva Cocina. She enjoyed the "small, restrained" salads and sandwiches at Tracy Miller's new Deep Ellum spot but found the breakfast menu lacking, citing tough pancakes and donuts that were "heavy and dense", leading her to award Rosemont two stars. Monica's made out with three stars for its "modern and swank" Tex-Mex with hints of fusion; Brenner enjoyed the tasty cocktails and char siu (Chinese barbecue pork) gorditas and says housemade corn tortillas are not to be missed.
DFW.COM— visited FnG Eats in Keller Town Center and pronounced it "delightful", finding a small menu of "stylish, upscale comfort food" including chicken-fried venison and a worthwhile Cuban sandwich, in a "rustic contemporary" setting. []

THE BLOGS— Almost Veggie found a hair in her food at East Hampton Sandwich Co. but all was forgotten upon the arrival of the delicious lobster roll; Eat This Fort Worth found a "fantastic" jaeger schnitzel at Edelweiss; Entree Dallas scoped out Boulevardier and found Chef Nathan Tate's food "fresh, innovative and admittedly, funky".

Mughlai Indian Cusine

5301 Alpha Road Suite 14, Dallas, TX 75240 (972) 392-7786

Monica’s Nueva Cocina and ME Lounge

4123 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75219 214 219 1639 Visit Website


408 North Bishop Avenue, , TX 75208 (214) 942-1828 Visit Website