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A $250,000 'Fantasy' Dinner Via Neiman Marcus

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Got a quarter of a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Better get your hands on a copy of this year's Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. This year the Dallas-based retailer to the rich is offering an in-home private dinner for you and ten guests cooked by a team of mega-chefs including Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller.

Of course, such a dinner must be preceded by a fancy cocktail hour: The world's first female tequila master will lead a tasting, and each guest will walk away with a bottle of tequila that's "handcrafted from pure, lead-free crystal and individually engraved, hand-labeled, numbered, and signed by the Maestra Tequilera". Ah, the gift that keeps on giving.

Obviously, you'll need a professional party planner to throw such an event—don't worry, that's included too. All that for a mere $250,000.

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[Photo credit: Neiman Marcus]