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Tiffany Derry Expanding?; Beer Takes Over Alcove Wine Bar

EXPANSIONWIRE?—Top Chef alum/Private Social chef and co-owner Tiffany Derry cooked at a pop-up restaurant in her hometown of Beaumont over the weekend. A recap by the Beaumont Enterprise notes that "Derry commented that she hopes to have a restaurant in Beaumont within a year". [Eaterwire]

STATE FAIR—The State Fair is long gone (as is Big Tex), but isn't it a little early to be getting all nostalgic about the fried food madness? Nevertheless, Serious Eats has a fond look back at the deep-fryer bonanza; they cite the fried jambalaya as "the undisputed highlight of the fair" and present a portrait of the fried bubblegum that would rival anything in Willy Wonka's factory. [Serious Eats]

STATE-THOMAS—Colorado brewery Oskar Blues (whom you may know for cans of Dale's Pale Ale or Old Chub) is taking over the taps at Alcove Wine Bar tonight as part of Dallas Beer Week. From 8 to 10 p.m. they'll be pouring beer, serving free barbecue and handing out free pint glasses. [Eaterwire]

[Photo credit: Alcove Wine Bar]

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