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Dickey's Burn; Drink for Movember

The recently departed Zombie's truck.
The recently departed Zombie's truck.
Photo credit: Zombie's/Facebook

BBQ WIRE—In his latest meaty write-up on Spring Creek Barbecue, British 'cue reviewer/wordsmith Gavin Cleaver has a few choice words for the meat at another chain: "Dickey's carpet-like brisket still haunts me. Drier than a thousand sand dunes, like a plain cheese cracker made out of meat". [City of Ate]

UPTOWN—Movember continues with a Dallas Moustache event at Hotel Zaza tonight. Order a Tom Selleck (vodka, lime, mango and ginger beer) for five bucks between 6 and 8 p.m. and $2 will go to Movember fundraising. [Eaterwire]

FOOD TRUCKS—DFW Food Truck Foodie muses on the recent departure of several mobile operations. Seems the reason for most trucks' closing is (surprise!) time and money, and Fort Worth seems to be witnessing a disproportionately higher number of closings than Dallas. [DFW Food Truck Foodie]