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Peep Bowl & Barrel's Menu by Sharon Hage

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Photo credit: Bowl & Barrel/Facebook

Bowl & Barrel flings open its doors at the Shops of Park Lane tomorrow at 5 p.m. with plans to usher in a new era of bowling for the city of Dallas: The shoes are new and decidedly un-stinky, the beer selection goes past the usual bowling alley staples of Miller and Bud, and the food consists not of frozen fare chucked into the deep-fryer, but a thoughtfully designed menu by farm-to-table darling Sharon Hage of the long-lost York Street. The upscale alley features 15 lanes and all the fancy-schmanciest in bowling technology, plus a full-service eatery, a "beer hall" and a private event space.

Hage's beast of a menu includes everything from ghost pepper peanuts and charcuterie plates to Wagyu steak and raw oysters. The bar is managed by Ian Reilly, formerly of The People's Last Stand, and in an appropriately Lebowskian homage, the small cocktail list includes a White Russian. (In a move sure to piss off parents and delight single boozers, the alley is 21 and up only after 9 p.m.)

Bowl and Barrel Menu