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Wine Sidewalk Sale; Barbecue Debate

UPTOWN—Max's Wine Dive will hold sidewalk wine sales every Friday and Saturday night from 4 to 6 p.m. beginning tomorrow. Besides deals on wine, they'll also be offering free samples for thirsty booze shoppers. [Eaterwire]

LAKE HIGHLANDS—There's a new Dave & Buster's open near Walnut Hill & 75 (just down the street from the old location it replaces) and it's a behemoth. Besides the usual video games and skeeball, there's also a sports bar area featuring ridiculously large 130-inch TVs. [DMN]

BLOGLAND—Blog Man Up Texas BBQ is polling readers about the top three barbecue spots in DFW, and the results have been... interesting. A response from Twitter: "anyone who replies Dickey's should have their taste buds removes [sic] with a rusty butter knife. They're not using them anyway." [Man Up Texas BBQ]

[Photo credit: Melissa Oporto/SideDish]