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Top Chef: The Recap

topchefseattlethumb.jpgIn case you somehow missed the debut episode of Top Chef: Seattle last night, here's a quick recap of how our three Dallas chefs fared: The possibly overqualified, definitely boastful John Tesar quickly impressed Tom Colicchio with a halibut dish (makes sense for a guy on the verge of opening an ambitious seafood restaurant). Meanwhile, FT33 pastry chef Joshua Valentine showed off his amazing mustache and a mussel, corn and coconut soup that was good enough for Emeril to send him on to the next round. The Grape's Danyele McPherson was nervous about making a grilled tomato and watermelon salad for "Mr. Unibrow" Hugh Acheson and got flak from fellow contestant Gina for starting a grill fire, but it was Danyele with the last laugh as she moved on and Gina was sent home. Tune in next week as we fully hope to see Tesar freak out on someone. [Eaterwire]

The Grape Restaurant

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