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Drink for Fair Park; Brenner on Barbecue; Pop-Up

Lockhart Smokehouse: now with forks!
Lockhart Smokehouse: now with forks!
Photo credit: Lockhart Smokehouse/Facebook

FAIR PARK—New beer emporium Craft & Growler will host a Friends of Fair Park event this Wednesday, December 10 starting at 5:30 p.m. Yellow Belly food truck will be on hand to soak up the suds, and Dallas mayor deputy chief Shawn Williams will speak about the initiative to grow South Dallas businesses. 10 percent of sales will benefit Friends of Fair Park. [Eaterwire]

BBQWIRE—Remember last year when Leslie Brenner awarded Lockhart Smokehouse a measly one star and complained about the lack of forks and sauce? (They responded in kind by instating a "Fork You, Leslie Brenner Day".) Of course, the Bishop Arts barbecue spot has since added sauce and forks to their inventory, as Brenner points out in a blog post today. Leslie Brenner, future restaurant consultant? [Eats]

WEST DALLAS—Chef Ryan Barnett is hosting a BYOB pop-up dinner he's calling Marche at 3015, caterer Sharon Van Meter's event space at the up-and-coming Trinity Groves development. Seats are $60 and the classical French menu includes a duo of duck with housemade andouille and beef en croute. Call (214) 707-6986 to reserve. [Eaterwire]

Lockhart Smokehouse

400 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208