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OinknMoo BBQ Truck to Hit Streets in January

Photos: OinknMoo BBQ/Facebook

Smoked meat aficionados and food truck groupies alike will be pumped to learn of a new barbecue truck headed this way: The OinknMoo BBQ truck is currently being built by mobile eatery master crafters Cruisin Kitchens, and owner Dave Hunt hopes to hit the DFW streets by mid-January. The concept is simple: traditional Texas barbecue. Hunt says he'll be focusing on what he considers "the big four"—pork spareribs, brisket, pulled pork, and his own handmade sausage. Though he's been smoking meat for twenty years for friends and family and a few private events, this is his first foray into barbecuing on a professional level.

What makes your barbecue so good? What kind of wood are you using to smoke your meats?
I'm using a Cookshack SM260, it uses electricity for the heat but uses the hardwood for the flavor. I use hickory and apple woods for everything except the sausage. You cook sausage for such a short period of time you can get away with using mesquite. Real low and real slow, about 215 degrees, we cook the pork butts and briskets for well over 12 hours, closer to 13 or 14, and the ribs for about 5 or so hours. It comes out, in my opinion, the way barbecue is supposed to be. It melts in your mouth, a little sweet, a little spicy, and that's the way I like it. I love to cook and I love to eat, and my philosophy is that i"m gonna cook it the way I like it, and I hope that translates for other people. The easy part is finding a chamber that will allow smoke to filter through it. The patience and the seasonings are, in my opinion, what makes barbecue.

Is the smoker right inside the truck, or are you doing a trailer setup like J.Mueller in Austin?
The smoker is in the truck right on line with my range. We've got the exhaust coming out so everyone will be able to smell that good barbecue and I'm excited about that. Tutta's Pizza actually has a smaller version of this smoker on their truck.

So Cruisin Kitchens is currently working on your truck. When and where can we expect to see you on the streets?
I'm planning on the truck being done by the end of the year and I'm hopeful that within a 2 week period I can get permitted and my plan is to be on the streets in mid-January. I'm probably going to start out in Dallas and Fort Worth and I hope to quickly move into Denton and Addison with some of the recent additions they've made to the accessibility for food trucks. With any luck, we'll expand anywhere that they allow these trucks to go. I think it's an exciting time for food trucks, and I really hope I can get out there and build some relationships with some other trucks and help to grow this culture that's out there.

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