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Hooray for Craft Beer; Chef Shuffle

BEERWIRE—The Houston Press continues its love affair with the DFW craft beer scene by taking a closer look at Revolver Brewing in Granbury, plus reviewing all the beers in the brewery's current lineup. [Eating Our Words]

UPTOWN—Chef Jason Hice has departed the British Beverage Company, but he hasn't gone far—he's now chef de cuisine at Laurent Poupart's JoJo Eating House & Bar just across the street. [SideDish]

FAIR PARK—Lauren Drewes Daniels takes a closer look at Craft & Growler, the new growler-centric bar on Parry Avenue. (Psst: You can get a growler as cheap as free ninety-nine, and beer will keep unopened for two weeks or longer.) [City of Ate]

[Photo credit: Craft & Growler/Facebook]