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The Mayans Want You to Drink $100 Margaritas

The world as we know it may come to an end later this week, so you may as well blow all your savings on overpriced booze, right? Thankfully, Main Street Mexican restaurant Iron Cactus has introduced an apocalyptically-priced margarita called "The Mayan" to be served tonight through Thursday only (presumably because we'll all be dead by Friday?) featuring "DeLeón reposado tequila, Grand Marnier 100 year and agave nectar" and real gold flakes. (Mmmm, precious metals.) The price tag? $100.

Iron Cactus proclaims the overpriced 'rita to be "the last drink anyone should consume if the world ends on December 21st." If, however, that prophecy turns out to be a bust, anyone who purchased a Mayan "will be mailed a letter inviting them to return to have another Mayan margarita on the house", essentially bringing the price for each drink consumed down to the relative bargain price of just $50.

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[Photo credit: Iron Cactus]