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Taproom Softly Opens; Drink to the Apocalypse

Photo credit: Taverna

KNOX-HENDERSON—Changes are being made within the Lombardi restaurant empire: La Fiorentina and Taverna both plan to relocate in the first quarter of 2013. Taverna will cozy up next to Toulouse on Knox, but a new location for La Fiorentina hasn't yet been decided upon. [SideDish]

MOCKINGBIRD—New gastropub Mockingbird Taproom is soft-opening at (duh) Mockingbird Station this weekend. Diners hungry for a sneak peek can attempt to snag a reservation by calling (469) 334-0751. [UrbanDaddy]

MAYAN APOCALYPSE—Celebrate the impending end of the world with a "Drinko de Mayo" at any of the Mariano's or La Hacienda Ranch locations. The ridiculous beverage is "a take on Mariano's original Texas Frozen margarita spiked with Grand Marnier and garnished with a pineapple Mayan crown, cherry and a gummy worm at the bottom for good luck", appropriately priced at $11 or $20.12 for two. [Eaterwire]

Mockingbird Taproom

5319 E Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75206 847-510-2500

Toulouse Café and Bar

3314 Knox Street, Dallas, TX 75205 (214) 520-8999 Visit Website