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Danyele McPherson Gets Berried by Joshua Valentine

Last night on Top Chef: Seattle, the chefs headed to a berry farm for a head-to-head elimination challenge. Spoon's John Tesar went up against annoyingly boisterous Stefan with gooseberries and somehow caused a blender to explode its contents all over FT33's Joshua Valentine's face; meanwhile Valentine faced off against The Grape's Danyele McPherson over blueberries, proclaiming, "I do think I can beat Danyele, she's been a little rattled lately."

Despite Tesar's attempt to call his opponent out for using frozen tuna, he ended up on the bottom for the first time in the competition for a gazpacho so overwhelmed by chorizo that one diner said it tasted like "cheeseburger soup". (Stefan was less polite, saying "I wouldn't even flush my poop with it".) Ultimately McPherson was told to pack her knives for a chicken terrine that Tom Colicchio deemed "rubbery with not a lot of flavor" and overly crunchy crostini. Her chance for redemption via the Last Chance Kitchen web series was foiled when she was eliminated for making a turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich that she says she eats practically every day, declaring "Tom is a hater".

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[Photo credit: Bravo]