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What Was the Best Dining Neighborhood in 2012?

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As 2012 comes to an end, we're surveying friends, readers, critics, and bloggers about the year in dining. Now, we've asked critics and bloggers to weigh in on the city's best dining neighborhood of the year. Readers, feel free to weigh in via the comments.

Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts district. [Photo credit: Jennifer Conley/]

Q: What was the best Dallas dining neighborhood in 2012?

Leslie Brenner, restaurant critic, Dallas Morning News: "The Design District."

Kevin Gray, editor, UrbanDaddy Dallas: "Maybe the Design District. But probably Oak Cliff."

José Ralat-Maldonado, blogger, The Taco Trail: "Oak Cliff (and not just for tacos)."

Rich Vana, editor, Entrée Dallas: "My personal favorite, with plenty of personal bias given my experience growing up in Dallas, will likely always be Deep Ellum. I love watching its revival, and though its newer restaurants certainly reflect a different hue than its previous iterations, Deep Ellum still has that inherent charm that only a rich and diverse history can provide. As for the best, though, Oak and FT33 make a strong argument for the Design District, but the concentration of really-good-to truly-great places at Bishop Arts probably leaves it at the top."

Gavin Cleaver, barbecue blogger, City of Ate: "I had the best meals south of the river, in Bishop Arts, which is annoying, as it's a bitch to get to."

foodbitch, blogger: "Last year I went Oak Cliff and I've gotta give it to them once again."

Whitney Filloon, editor, Eater Dallas: "This year I had my most delicious meals in the Design District, but if we talk cocktails, it's clearly Uptown. They've got the magical trifecta of Private Social, The Standard Pour and Tate's all within blocks of one another."

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