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Dim Sum, Lamb Tacos, & 'Post-Modern' BBQ

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Leslie Brenner reviewed J.S. Chen's Dimsum and BBQ in Plano: She declares it "the best place in North Texas for dim sum", citing dishes like "jalapeño-spiked chicken feet, the Buffalo wings of the dim sum world", lotus leaf-wrapped sticky rice, and "luscious barbecue pork fun rolls"; the dinner menu is slightly less thrilling, but a welcome BYOB policy is encouraging. [DMN]

[Photo credit: Leigh P./Yelp]

Scott Reitz discovered Barbacoa Estilo Hidalgo in South Dallas: Bargain-priced, authentic lamb barbacoa tucked into housemade tortillas is the draw at this hideaway taqueria, not to mention a brothy soup filled with chickpeas soaked in the lamb's drippings. "If you're the type who enjoys finding obscure and authentic eats, you'll feel lucky to be there," proclaims Reitz. [Observer]

Gavin Cleaver checked out Fat Cow BBQ in Lewisville: The barbecue-obsessed Brit is disappointed by the lack of smoke (boiled-tasting ribs are "a disaster") and general plasticized sterility of the place, wondering if perhaps they're "shooting for some sort of satirical post-modern barbecue restaurant"; chopped brisket is "actually pretty good", though. [City of Ate]

MORE REVIEWS: Taco Trail was gravely disappointed by the "award-winning" tacos at E Bar Tex Mex; finds familiar Tex-Mex at the new Don Mario's in Arlington; Colette discovers delicious seafood caldo at Fort Worth's El Asadero.

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