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The Most Popular Eater Dallas Posts of 2012

Chicken Scratch: the most viewed photo gallery of 2012.
Chicken Scratch: the most viewed photo gallery of 2012.
Photo credit: Sara Kerens/EDFW

As 2012 draws to a close, allow us to get all narcissistically nostalgic for a moment: We've compiled the most popular Eater Dallas posts of the year for your perusing pleasure (Eater 38s and Heatmaps not included). Apparently, what grabs the attention of Eater Dallas readers is chef eye candy (no big surprise there), healthy dining options (because we all need the occasional respite from pizza, burgers, and tacos), iconic dishes and dining rooms, and tracking fall restaurant openings, plus guides to eating at the airport, on the road, and at sporting events.

1. Hottest Chef Semifinals, Day One: Wilcox, Holben, Bates and Flores
2. Hottest Chef Finals: Jill Bates Vs. Jeana Johnson
3. Dallas' 15 Most Anticipated Fall Openings
4. 10 Dallas Restaurants for the Health-Obsessed
5. Hottest Chef Semifinals, Day Two: Stark, Johnson, Tesar and Stevens
6. Dallas' 20 Most Iconic Dishes
7. The Eater Dallas Guide To Dallas Food Truck Guides
8. What To Eat At Rangers Ballpark, Home Of The Texas Rangers
9. Where To Eat On The Road In Eater Texas, Updated
10. Hottest Chef Round One, Day Two: Holben, Lopez, Azemi, Harrington
11. Chicken Scratch Offers Southern Comfort In Oak Cliff
12. 13 of the Most Iconic Dining Rooms in Dallas
13. Where To Eat At Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)