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Central Track Scopes The Food And Bar Scene

Yesterday, Dallas officially got one more news source, Central Track. Pete Freedman's effort is targeted at online readers and features music, culture, sports, nightlife and fashion, and, of course, food and drink. Welcome to the fold, y'all.

Central Tracks first food and drink posts offer a smattering of cocktail features, personality profiles and news, including two items that really struck our fancy -- even if we have to scroll sideways for some insane reason (yes, we get that it looks like train tracks).

First up, the lady bartenders of Dallas are featured a pin-up calendar to benefit car-on-bike crime charity Hit By Car on Bike (HBCB). It was the brainchild of graphic designer Micah Phillips, produced with the help of Capital Pub's Lindsay Holman, who is also featured in the calendar available here. Other businesses featured in the Bikes, Bars & Betties calendar include Black Swan Saloon, Anvil Pub, Oak Cliff Bicycle Company and Transit Bikes.

Also, Melissa Mack offers a glimpse at Monte Anderson's West Dallas RV Park, where food trucks may remain immobile and have a consistent address. Tenants (LaGrange's Stephanie Schumacher already received the TABC license for her shaved ice trailer) may purchase a trailer refurbished by the park's restoration guru Gary Buckner, or provide their own.

There's more to be had on CT, but dammit if that sideways thing didn't deter us for its cutting off photos and freaking out our natural reading tendencies.

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Anvil Pub is included in Bikes, Bars & Betties. [Photo: Andrea Grimes/EDFW]

Anvil Pub

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