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Hottest Chef Semifinals, Day One: Wilcox, Holben, Bates and Flores

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgOK, now this is getting serious.

You feeling chilly with the dull and drearies outside? Warm up with some semifinal-worthy hotness. Today is the first day of whittling as our previous Round One champs compete against one another for a spot in the finals on Thursday.

We've got the spicy smile of Tre Wilcox from Marquee Grill (Round One, Day Four), the salt-and-pepper seduction of David Holben from Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse (Round One, Day Two, the sugar-pulling beauty of Jill Bates (Round One, Day Three) from Fearing's, and the sultry sautee of Omar Flores from Drift Wood (Round One, Day One). Which of them will go on to battle the champ from Day Two? You'll have to decide.

Vote now for who you find to be the hottest of these four! Poll will remain open through 11:55 a.m. tomorrow.

Poll results

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Photos: Tre Wilcox [Marquee Grill], David Holben [Del Frisco's], Jill Bates [Fearing's], Omar Flores [reader submission]