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Shuttling St. Patrick's With Brian Luscher

Yesterday, we posted an item linking to Barking Dogs and the parking/traffic map for Lowest Greenville's St. Patrick's Day celebrations. It's true, said map can seem a little daunting, a lot scary and definitely not so welcoming.

And it may seem preemptive. But on this Valentine's Day, well, Dallas' main party issue isn't about hearts and flowers, but the shamrock-laden festivities coming in about a month's time.

The Grape's Brian Luscher reached out to make sure Eater, and our readers, knew there were -- and have been for years -- alternatives to trying to find parking during the annual Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day Block Party, which will go on even if the parade doesn't.

For years, participating businesses, including the Grape, the Dubliner and others, have secured off-duty officers and a clean-up crew (covering Mockingbird south to Belmont, and from 75 to Skillman), as mandated by the city to make the Block Party a safe, clean, neighborly shindig. "We understand the financial burden of putting on a big event," Luscher said. "For us alone, the costs are insane."

Even still, for at least the past five years, Luscher told Eater, they've stepped it up further and offered a free shuttle to and from Mockingbird Station. "We have the use of 1000 parking spots for the Block Party, from 9 in the morning until 8 at night," Luscher explained. But why add more cost on top of what the city requires? Luscher offered a simple explanation: "because we understand the concerns of our residential neighbors."

Also, he -- and other business owners -- encourage the use of the DART rail system and shuttle, or cabs and other safe designated driving plans as opposed to driving on such a "spirited" day. The Block Party's shuttle will travel down Matilda (parallel to Greenville Avenue to the east, for those not in the know) stopping at Vickery and Belmont.

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The Grape will be closed for meals such as the one pictured during the Block Party. [Photo: The Grape/Facebook]

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