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Taking Tim Love Out Of Context

Fort Worth darling Tim Love will be conducting a grilling demo at the upcoming Austin Food and Wine Festival. No big shock. Dude's a grill master. Loves the meat.

CultureMap Austin's Jessica Dupuy was at a small demo conducted by Love at the Chateau Splendido at the Beaver Creek Food and Wine Festival recently and thought she'd offer up some of the advice he dispensed there. You know, in anticipation of the bigger to-do.

Sure, sure, it's great info -- you can read it all here, in fact. But, well, we just think it's way more fun (in a decidedly kindergarten way) to take his meat things totally out of context to get a different vibe of Mr. Love. (See, this is already working.)

Let's get down to business, shall we?

Here are our six favorite unintentionally saucy Mr. Love quotes, in no particular order :
- "Usually the first mistake they made was in not putting enough flavor on the meat to begin with."
- "Again, don't ever use olive oil because you'll just make your meat taste bitter."
- "You need to let your meat rest."
- "Let it sit for a while and get a really good crust on both sides. Then let it rest on a plate and leave it alone."
- "When you're throwing a dinner party... Have them sitting out and people will walk by and say, 'Oh that looks awesome,' and you can say, 'Yeah, I know it does.'"
- "Have I what? Sir, I'm from Texas. We don't do any kind of crap that's got French words in it."

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