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Bravo May Now Be Interrupting Your Social Programming

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Photo: Courtesy of Steven Doyle/CraveDFW

Whilst out checking the cocktails and bartending skills at Four Lounge, CraveDFW got out-cameraed -- which is sorta like being out-Whataburgered but without all the colorful stickers and gravelly voiceovers.

The crew for Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas popped in for a quick drink sesh with some potential cast members. Yeah, so that whole thing appears to be happening again.

In Steven Doyle's snapshot above, the eligible ladies who leisure (and presumably catfight and date and attend charity functions and...whatever) don't seem to be enjoying any drinks -- just jewel-toned fashion and perfect posture. So, we're guessing they didn't offer any insight into if Four Lounge's drinkable S'mores is worthy of a torch song.

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The Four Lounge

2418 Allen Street, Dallas, TX 75204 214 871 2626

Four Lounge

2418 Allen St., Dallas, TX 75204