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Can The Hilton Anatole's Restos Satisfy The Chef Mind?

Leslie Brenner had the scallops to ask famously inventive chef Anthony Bombaci the question everyone has thought at least once since news broke that Nana Restaurant will be closing in June to transform into a steakhouse: Will his new position as executive sous chef over the hotel's restaurants be rewarding enough? Or, like, at all?

Because he's, um, Anthony Bombaci, people.

OK, so perhaps she didn't use those exact words, but that's what we all want to know. And typically, when someone is excited about a new venture, a change or uncharted culinary adventure, their response to questions about the future may be cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless. Bombaci's answer, however, just seemed to veer toward cautious.

"I'm not sure," he told Brenner.

"Whether I can do that and still be happy remains to be seen. I'm trying to be positive about it. But it's going to be quite different; it's going to be difficult to get used to that. I'm trying to focus my energy on making a positive impact on the food in the different areas of the hotel. I don't know how it's going to go."
Read the rest of her report and see if you don't also get an whiff of "going with this now, but might be doin' my own thing, y'all."

If that's indeed the case, we can't wait to hear what it is. We just hope we don't have to wait until September ends [cue Green Day. Or don't, actually].

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[Photo: Nana/Official]