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Immerse Yourself In ocaTaco; Say Yes! Taco Truck

Last time we were at a hospital/university we would've bribed actual surgeons/profs for a good taco over the tepid green beans and loaf. Seriously. It makes perfect sense to put a taco stand in the food court, at 6333 Forest Park, next to the Paul Bass Administration Building, primed and ready for UT Southwestern employees.

So Jack Perkins did. As of last Thursday, ocaTaco has been serving up singles and triple combos of handmade tortillas filled with immersion-to-grill beef and pork. There's chicken too. SideDish and City of Ate have visited, but CraveDFW Doyled Perkins and snagged a pic of the super enormous immersion circulator. Look at that sucker sous vide some serious meat sacks.

In related strange tacofellows news, just moments ago, NBCDFW -- known to most in these parts as Channel 5 -- ran a brightly colored feature on the tasty neighbor to SiNaCa glass studios in Fort Worth. Yes! Taco's orange former Fed-Ex truck proved quite the small screen star, but you can see for yourself in the video:

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Jack Perkins at ocaTaco. [Photo: Courtesy Steven Doyle/CraveDFW]


6333 Forest Park Road, Dallas, TX 75235


6333 Forest Park, Dallas, TX