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La Duni Serves Props; Better Burger Opens

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PARK CITIES -- We love us some server appreciation. La Duni is asking patrons to name their favorite waitstaff (and at which location). Giveth the propage here. [Eaterwire]

INWOOD -- The LDD reports on the opening of Sam and Kathy Vergos' Better Burger at Lemmon and Inwood. Naturally, a commenter would like her to report on the spicy ketchup at Whataburger. [City of Ate]

CSAWIRE -- With good weather comes the instinct to stop eating like crazy, fat-hoarding assholes. But before you run off with your new CSA lover, Barking Cat Farm has 10 questions for you. [Eaterwire]

La Duni Latin Cafe. [Photo: Catherine L./Yelp]

Better Burger

5715 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX 75235 214 350 1414