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Restaurant Community Remembers Chef Travis Henderson Who Was Shot, Killed By Dallas SWAT

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As the Place at Perry's celebrated its grand reopening this past weekend, police were on Marsh Lane, near Frankford Road, in negotiations with the restaurant's former chef Travis Henderson, who had threatened self-harm.

After several hours, those negotiations proved unsuccessful and Henderson emerged from his car, outside Valley View Christian Church (which had members on lockdown inside for the duration of the incident), directing his firearm at police officers. The chef was then shot by Dallas SWAT officer Samuel McDonnold.

Henderson's death, with all of its tragic elements only adding to reactions of shock and disbelief, has clearly shaken the service community.

Nancy Nichols, from her related post on Saturday:

The news of Henderson’s death is heartbreaking. Henderson was a devoted, hard-working chef. While he was chef at The Place at Perry’s, he was in constant contact with the media and promoted the restaurant and his co-workers with great pride. Henderson was the creator of one of the best chicken-fried steaks in Dallas. He was a lovely person and his talent will be missed. R.I.P, dear Travis. Dallas will not be the same without you.
Comments flowing in on SideDish's post also offer some familiar names from the restaurant community such as Paula Lambert, Kevin Marple and Mike Hiller, as well as Henderson's former colleagues and his family.

Eater offers its condolences to those who knew, loved and worked the line with Henderson.

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The Place at Perry's (former location) for which Travis Henderson helped to achieve notoriety. [Photo: Place at Perry's/@placeatperrys]