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Norma's Celebrates Texas Independence Day With Home-Cooked Democracy

Lots of folks have rules to never discuss politics at the table. But Norma's Cafe isn't afraid to dish up a political menu in celebration of Texas Independence Day.

In honor of the Lone Star State's big 176, Norma's is bringing out the Dallas County Elections Office to host a voter registration drive during peak lunch hours -- from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Friday at the North Dallas location, and the same hours next Friday, March 9, at the Oak Cliff location.

Seriously though, it wouldn't be a Norma's event without a special menu. Our personal favorite -- because we're punny like that -- is the “Remember the A La Mode” ice cream deal. But there's more Texas-pride than half-priced scoops on the menu.

"Texas Independence Day is one of our customers' favorite days because of the new menu options that only come to Norma's Cafe once a year," Ed Murph, owner of Norma's, said. He added, "This year is particularly special because we get to offer a unique service to our great customers thanks to the Dallas County Elections Office."

From the official press release:

"With the redistricting issues being discussed in Federal Court in San Antonio, registering to vote is more important than ever," said Toni Pippins-Poole, Elections Administrator for Dallas County. "Everyone's voice is important, and it's not too late to register to vote. Your vote is your voice."

Dallas County will bring voter registration forms, as well as an electronic voting machine if anyone needs explanation on how they operate. Additionally, Norma’s Cafe will “Remember the A La Mode” with a half-priced scoop of ice cream with every dessert until March 15. Its Texas-themed menu will feature the following items:

- Texican Platter, three shredded and smoked brisket tacos in a corn tortillas, topped with a mix of fresh cilantro and onions
- CFS with the San Jacinto upgrade, chicken fried steak served with Texas chili, cheese, onions and jalapeños
- Texas Frito Pie, served with chili, onions, jalapenos and cheddar cheese
- Pecan Pie, for the jaw-dropping price of 99 cents

The cafes will also offer their regular menus on Texas Independence event days, so regulars needn't be worried about snagging their veggies or cream pie.

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A snowy Norma's, Oak Cliff. [Photo: Norma's Cafe/Facebook]

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