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VSpot Satisfies Meater; No Love For Top Chef's Sarah

KNOX-HENDERSON -- ScReitz posted 16 meaty photos from his iPhone to prove that he eats, well, holy shit, a lot of meat. And to prove that it's saying something that VSpot Cafe's gnocchi satisfied him. We're still concerned about his cholesterol. [City of Ate]

UPTOWN -- A former resident of Japan lends her sushi knowledge to EscapeHatch and gives praise to Yutaka and Sharakru. [EscapeHatchDallas]

TOP CHEFWIRE -- Paul Qui is the chef to beat tonight. When Robert Philpot posted his criticism of the Top Chef: Texas season, he also posted a fan poll. At last check, three-quarters of readers voted Qui to take the title, while the remaining quarter just want Bev Kim to return and give Sarah Grueneberg the smackdown. Ouch. []

[Photo: VSpot Cafe/Facebook]

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