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Fairey Transforms Belmont's 'Hood; See's Is Back

OAK CLIFF -- The Belmont posted a photo (right) of progressive urban transformation, courtesy of artist Shepard Fairey, Bar Belmont and Smoke patrons can witness in progress at the corner of Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenue. [Eaterwire]

MATTWIRE -- Chef Matt McCallister foraged some spring onions today and thus said ol' Punxsutawney Phil "doesn't know shit." Chef: 1. Groundhog: 0. He also pwned City of Ate's Box of Crap. Chef: 3. Box: 0. [CraveDFW/City of Ate]

CANDYWIRE -- See's Candies is back (outside of Dillard's, that is). The sweet peeps are set up in a host of mall kiosks through Black Tuesday (February 14). [Pegasus News]

Shepard Fairey's crew at work. [Photo: Belmont Hotel/Facebook]