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Scott Reitz Finds Zen At Tto Tto Wa Bistro, Leslie Brenner Finds Disappointment At Jasper's

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Dallas may have lost the Observer's Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz to Carrollton thanks to Korean fried chicken and beer.

H Mart's neighbor, Tto Tto Wa Bistro, owned by Angela Kim, served ScReitz beer in a chilled gum ball machine-like dispenser and fried chicken coated in a spicy sauce that clearly seduced him, called him the next day and made plans for next weekend.

Whatever is used in that euphoria-inducing chicken sauce, it's worth whatever your drive might be. It's worth a 40-minute ride on the Green Line from downtown. It might be worth the two hours and three buses it takes to get from Dallas to Carrollton, if that's your price for chicken nirvana.
ScReitz also found adventure in Tto Tto Wa's dish of stir-fried silkworm chrysalis (and some soju), which he describes further in a City of Ate post today.

Meanwhile, at Jasper's in Plano, Leslie Brenner was thrown when the restaurant she awarded four stars in 2009 left her with lukewarm chips, greasy flounder and a "flaccid and thin" Bloody Mary -- the latter of which is cause for imprisonment in brunch jail, in our opinion.

Oh, and there was this, a description of a chile relleno we never want to meet:

...thick, hard fried batter (none too warm) surrounds a tough, undercooked poblano. My husband says he’s found some crab inside, but I can’t find any — just a little melted cheese. Underneath is a terrible white sauce in which sugar seems to have been mistaken for salt. Congealed squiggles of red-orange sauce grace the top of the relleno. Served with decent black bean- roast corn salad, it is nevertheless a horrible plate.
Don't leave it at LeBrenBren's review though, scroll through the DMN readers' comments for the bizarre Jasper's coffee refill anecdote from Citizen 26. It's safely the weirdest we've ever read.

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[Photo: Jasper's Plano/Facebook]

Tto Tto Wa Bistro

2625 Old Denton Road, Carrollton, TX 75007