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Hottest Chef Round One, Day Three: Bates, Maddy, Elvis and Santonicola

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgLook at you. You are loving the sexy-pants cheftimes, Dallas, aren't you? Don't try to hide it -- we can see it in your eyes. And votes. Yesterday's response nearly blew the blue off the bar graphs. You really know how to show your adoration for some hot chefs.

Let's do it again, because today's battle is going to be Friday fabulous: We've got sweet spinner Jill Bates of Fearing's duking it out with executive charmer Jason Maddy of Oak, sushi seducer Shuji “Elvis” Sugawara of Shinsei, and Italian pizzallion Dino Santonicola of Il Cane Rosso.

Congrats to David Holben of Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse for taking Day Two. So, who will go on to battle Omar Flores and Holben? Vote now. Polls will remain open until 11:55 a.m. tomorrow. Voting has closed for this poll.

Poll results

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Photos: Jill Bates [Fearing's], Jason Maddy [Oak], Elvis [Robert Bostick/CraveDFW], Dino Santonicola [Il Cane Rosso]