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Baker's Ribs To Change Deep Ellum Location, Updated

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Former Dallas Observer staffer Pete Freedman's new online media venture Central Track isn't officially up and running, but it's already posting news via the usual social media suspects.

Today, the topic is Baker's Ribs and its upcoming move from its current spot on Commerce (neighboring Angry Dog) to a space off Hall Street.

Central Track's post states:

The Deep Ellum building that's painted like an artist's interpretation of a foam party is getting a new tenant. On-site construction workers confirm that the building, located at the intersection of Hall and Elm, will be the new home for Baker's Ribs. And the barbecue joint's changing locations -- away from its Commerce Street location next to Angry Dog -- for an interesting reason, too: Apparently their fried pie sales are so strong, they need more space to promote that side of their business.
Eater chatted with Julie Richter, manager of Baker's Ribs in Deep Ellum, and she confirmed this pie-eyed decision, though she did say the location is actually at Hall and Main streets.

Richter also let us in on the addition of some pies that Deep Ellum customers may not have tried yet. Since they don't transport well from the Garland location that currently produces them, meat and breakfast pies haven't been on the Commerce Street menu. But once construction is complete (date as yet undetermined), they will be, in addition to the much-loved cream and fruit varieties, which include best-sellers like cherry, apple, pecan, coconut and peach.

And of course, there will be meat.

Update: We like to give credit where it's due. Turns out, though a cursory search failed us, Raine Devries with the Examiner had the pie-free roots of the Baker's Ribs moving story back in early December. Apologies for the miss, though we're glad Freedman's "Breaking News" inspired us to call Baker's for more pie filling, so to speak.

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