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New Six-Pack Of Food Trucks

txdelizioso.jpgDFW Food Truck Foodie Stephanie Hawkes is offering some mobile introductions so do be polite. As we enter the first full week of February, DFW can claim six brand new food trucks (and a second from Ssahm Korean BBQ). Metroplex eaters can (or soon will be able to) queue up and say hello to TX Delizioso (pizza, pasta), Fred's Cafe Truck Wagon (burgers, etc.), Little Vessel Grill Food Truck (Asian fusion), Tin Star Taco Taxi (duh), Cajun Tailgators (gumbo and the like), and Dos Paisanos (Salvadorian fare). [DFW Food Truck Foodie via Pegasus News]

Tin Star Taco Taxi

Moving Target!, Dallas, TX

Tx Delizioso

Moving Target!, Dallas, TX 75201