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Scott Reitz Is All Truffled Up; Top Chef: FLOTUS

TRUFFLEWIRE -- Something about a few recent truffle dishes from Campo and Private Social just didn't smell or taste right to Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz, and dammit he just might have sniffed out the problem. [City of Ate]

TRINITY GROVES -- Nancy Nichols checks out the first in the Trinity Groves Restaurant Incubator Program, eats a rib and some slaw and gets pitched by Phil Romano. That's a lot to take in, so tomorrow come the logistics. [SideDish]

TOP CHEFWIRE -- Bravo has released the word on the Bravolebrities joining the First Lady of the United States for her "Let's Move" appearance this Friday: Head judge Tom Colicchio, Richard Blais, Jenn Carroll, Spike Mendelsohn, Fabio Viviani, and current cheftestants Ed Lee and Grayson Schmitz. [Eaterwire]

Private Social. [Photo: Andrea Grimes/EDFW]

Private Social

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