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303 Bar And Grill And The Facebook Flip-Flop

Here's one to file under "K, Peeps Get Your Shit Together." As we poked around the social networks this morning we noticed something super strange on the recently opened 303 Bar and Grill's Facebook page.

The person making all the calls in his place now is a guy named Frank Carabetta. Just want everyone to know who to thank for all the changes being made to this restaurant!! If you would like to "like" and continue to follow this establishment, please find "ThreeOthree Barandgrill" on Facebook.
Right. Because anyone searching "303 Bar and Grill" on Facebook will find "ThreeOthree Barandgrill" instead. Nope. We searched it and came up with only the original page, which will from this point on be referred to as FIRST!

The new page, a personal page in format, lists its relationship as "it's complicated" (isn't that cute!?) and not a whole helluva lot of helpful info for potential customers. As the Advocate also points out, FIRST! also announced a change in the kitchen, so perhaps the "complicated" note makes a bit of sense. Chef Adam Bazaldua is no longer at 303, citing a "constant concept battle" with the owner.

· 303 Bar and Grill [Facebook]
· ThreeOthree Barandgrill [Facebook]

303 Bar and Grill. [Photo: ThreeOthree Barandgrill/Facebook]

303 Bar & Grill

303 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 (214) 942-3030

303 Bar and Grill

303 W Davis St., Dallas, TX 75208