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Hottest Chef Round One, Day Five: Dodds, Johnson, Uygur, Luscher

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgWe're now officially half way through the first round and things are looking ... well ... let's be honest: Things are looking very hot.

Today isn't any different. We've got four chefs who are keeping the foxiness level pretty damn high. Beardly it-boy Graham Dodds of Central 214 is taking on taco temptress Jeana Johnson of Good 2 Go Taco and Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House, duke of in-demand dining David Uygur of Lucia, and bespectacled bistro badass Brian Luscher of The Grape.

Congrats to Tre Wilcox of Marquee Grill on Monday's win. Now who will go on to battle Flores, Holben, Bates and Wilcox in the semis?

Vote now! Poll will remain open through 11:55 a.m. tomorrow.

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Photos: Graham Dodds [Maxine Helfman], Jeana Johnson [Merritt Martin/EDFW], David Uygur [Steven Doyle/CraveDFW], Brian Luscher [The Grape]