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Alligator Cafe Closing Live Oak; Taco Stop Test Drive

CASA LINDA -- As Casa Linda waits patiently for its new Cajun fix, Live Oak diners assumed they got to keep the original Alligator Cafe. Not so, as the first location will close after Mardi Gras to open its new spot nearer to White Rock Lake. [Advocate]

OAK CLIFF -- Entree Dallas has a sweet (ha!) piece on Katherine Clapner's Dude, Sweet Chocolate and the increase in Valentine's Day traffic, which -- note to shoppers -- seems to be a last-minute, "hits at once" sort of traffic. [Entree Dallas]

DESIGN DISTRICT -- ScReitz and the City of Ate team checked out the new Taco Stop on Irving Boulevard and found baby tacos and beef broth worthy of bathing in. [City of Ate]

Alligator Cafe on Live Oak Street. [Photo: Alligator Cafe/Facebook]

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

408 W 8th Street Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75208 214 943 5943

Alligator Cafe

Casa Linda Plaza, Dallas, TX 75218 214-821-6900

Alligator Cafe

4416 Live Oak St., Dallas, TX 75204