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Hottest Chef Round One, Day Six: Stark, Temple, Garza, Fleischman

eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgOh, Dallas. You are so thrilling with your growing bar charts. Your impassioned responses to hotness make our collective hearts beat (beet?) a bit faster.

Ahem. Moving on.

Today we've got Greenville's garden-fresh Patrick Stark of Sundown at Granada battling it out with underground artist David Anthony Temple of The Mason Bar, sunny and seasoned Lisa Garza of (soon to be) Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar, aprons and time on The Next Food Network Star, and the pitmaster with a PhD* Will Fleischman of Lockhart Smokehouse.

Congratulations go to Jeana Johnson of Good 2 Go and Goodfriend (and the upcoming Acme F&B) for her win. She'll join Flores, Holben, Bates and Wilcox in the semis. But who else will join?

Vote below. Poll will remain open until 11:55 a.m. tomorrow.

Poll results

*Clearly, we have to satisfy the curious: Pitmaster Will's PhD is in women's literature and poetry.

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Photos: Patrick Stark [Sundown], David Anthony Temple [Jake Barnhart/EDFW], Lisa Garza [Sissy's], Pitmaster Will [Lockhart Smokehouse]