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Tesar Out At Commissary; Earthwise Hosts Food Fest

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ARTS DISTRICT -- Mike "EscapeHatch Artist" Hiller reports that John Tesar has officially left the Commissary for pop-uppier and Spoon-ier pastures. [EscapeHatchDallas]

DENTON -- Earthwise Gardens will host its inaugural Local Food Festival Saturday at the site of its future produce store. Admission is $10 and includes a beer from Independent Ale Works of Aubrey ... and time spent drinking and eating instead of studying. [NTDaily]

TOP CHEFWIRE -- We know it's hard, Bravo. Spires and steeples make things so darn confusing for Top Chef Texas editors, but Dallas and San Antonio are different cities. [FrontBurner]

[Photo: The Commissary/Facebook]

The Commissary [CLOSED]

1722 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201