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Quesa-D-Ya's Expands; Alligator Cafe Open Again

LAKE HIGHLANDS -- Within two months, Quesa-D-Ya's have a Denton location. By July, there will be one in Lake Highlands. They may be round, flat and come in boxes, but at least they're not another damn pizza. [Central Track]

CASA LINDA -- There will be a true party tomorrow night, but it's official: Alligator Cafe's new Casa Linda location is officially open. Grab yerself some gumbo, friend. [CraveDFW]

HOAGIEWIRE -- Scott Reitz, surely to further his hipster dreamboat status, wanted to sign up for Pinterest. He wanted to pin nothing but hoagies. All he found were earrings ... hoagie earrings. [City of Ate]

[Photo: Quesa-D-Ya's/Facebook]

Alligator Cafe

Casa Linda Plaza, Dallas, TX 75218 214-821-6900