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Bolsa Mercado Breaks Into Advertising

When Bolsa Mercado was broken into Saturday night, the crook was in and out in about 20 seconds. Only a few minutes later and law enforcement and owners were there too. He was after cash registers -- the act isn't unknown in the neighborhood. What is unusual is the way owner Chris Zielke decided to turn the incident to his favor, using the surveillance footage.

"I was looking at the video and thought it would be a nice little ad," he told Eater by phone. "It's part of doing business -- I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Thought I'd have some fun with it." So he reached out to Elliott Munoz for help with his idea.

Zielke added that before the music was added it was a little scarier, but he thinks the tune "lightened things up" just enough. And we have to agree.

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Bolsa Mercado

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