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El Guero In Tournament For America's Best Tacos

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Earlier today we were totally tweeted at. Yeah, we felt pretty good about it to. Seriously, though, Serious Eats had peeped El Guero tacos and Taco Trail's Jose Ralat Maldonado wanted us (and yes, some other folks) to know.

What? The man loves his tacos. He's taco proud.

Apparently, this SE post is part of a March Madness-style tourney o' tacos. They found 64 outstanding tacos across the country as part of a "feature for Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine's March issue." Ray, huh? Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

Anyway. Sixteen favorite tacos in the South include a slew of Houston and Austin handhelds, and two from Dallas: El Si Hay and El Guero. The suadero from El Guero made it to the actual bracket. Of the tacos, the Serious Eats Team says:

This tiny roadside stand serves nothing but tacos, and their entire roster of meats is printed in large colorful letters on their bright yellow outer wall. Steak, al pastor, and lengua are all fantastic, but the best is their suadero--thin slices of fine-grained, well-marbled meat cut from the brisket griddled until crisp. It comes served it on a double-stacks of paper-thin corn tortillas that barely contain the beefy juices destined to trickle down your throat (or your shirt, if you're not careful).
Who does not love beefy juices?

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[Photo: Mike L./Yelp]

Tacos El Guero

7233 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX 75214