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Revolver Brewing Is Setting Up Shop In Granbury

Last week in Granbury, ceremonial groundbreaking took place, tamales were consumed and a brewery was born. Revolver Brewing, specifically.

Ron and Rhett Keisler (father and son) have teamed up with a brewer with a lot of experience: Grant Wood, who has been with Boston's Samuel Adams for more than 15 years. According to Teresa Gubbins' item on Pegasus News, the Aggie also worked for Pearl Brewing and Lone Star, lest anyone question his Texas cred. Bonus points: cites Wood as being especially ready to return to his home state after the brutal New England winter.

Fortunately, Granbury offers a distinctly different climate. Rhett Keisler told Gubbins his plans for Revolver Brewing included Saturday tours, noting to, “People can come out and taste some beer, throw a horseshoe, and enjoy the countryside."

Keisler also said that while the craft beer market is growing quickly, Revolver is "making a bet on the palates of Texans, that they’ll like more flavorful beers." Brewing is set to being in July, with a first-year expectation of 1500 barrels, and a 4000-barrel output to follow.

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The groundbreaking at Revolver Brewing. [Photo: Revolver Brewing/Facebook]