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The City of Dallas Hearts Microbreweries, Maybe

This might seem shocking, but it seems that the City of Dallas just might be interested in making life easier for microbreweries.

As reported by Dallas Morning News' Robert Wilonsky (and yes, that seems so strange to type), the Zoning Ordinance Committee will meet Thursday and discuss the Development Code "develop appropriate standards for alcoholic beverage manufacturing including establishing specific regulations for microbreweries, micro-distilleries and wineries."

Writes Wilonsky:

Till recently, such standards weren't necessary; no need to regulate what didn't really exist. And at first, even this mini-boom of microbreweries wasn't enough to fast-track an amendment. But, says [Theresa] O'Donnell [head of Dallas' Sustainable Development and Construction department], Four Corners stepped up and paid the $1,200 filing fee, which got the issue moved to the head of the line.
With Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Lakewood Brewing, Peticolas and the aforementioned Four Corners (as well as others that fall out of the jurisdiction but will be no less present), this relatively recent brewing trend is on the uptick. Fortunately, it seems the city recognizes this -- and Four Corners had the cash to pony. ""It's something we're very supportive of," O'Donnell told the DMN. "It's the kind of organic homegrown business citizens like to see, and seems to be a good venue for small business operators."

There is no specific date for when the issue will get to the ZOC, but Thursday's meeting is at least a start.

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You like the look of this equipment, Dallas? [Photo: Four Corners Brewing Co./Facebook]